Prolonging the lifespan, avoiding repairs of any house appliance is, first of all, an important saving of the budget. And this applies to any small or big domestic appliance you use whether living alone or with family. The oven is among those appliances which are used everyday appliances and the stress coming that comes with its repair, maintenance and cleaning as well is very familiar to many housewives.

The responsibility of whether the appliance will serve you long in an effective manner is yours.

Many of us even don’t have any clue how to keep the ovens well-maintained and avoid repairs.

The first step to read the instruction which for sure comes with all the appliances and this is highly recommended. If not, then try to follow the below-listed maintenance tips which will not only save your budget from unnecessary expenses but also will keep you calm during daily routine.


Clean your oven regularly

If it is electric oven, then keep the hood and filter clean. A properly mixed ammonia and water mixture is the best solution to remove grease and dirt. But before starting to clean dry the filters and parts.

If it is a gas oven, clean grates, and burners with hot water and detergent. Avoid using scouring powders and anything that can break off in the burner hole (many of us use a toothpick)

In both cases check the manufacturer’s instructions and clean according to the detailed recommendations provided.

Remember once you’ve got your oven shining, you will want to keep it that way.

A small tip, which will help you. Putting small cookie sheets covered in aluminum foil in your oven will catch the grease and shorten the cleaning time. Just remember not to cover any vent.

And this is to be done on a daily basis.

What should be done monthly?

Fuel-Fired and Electric Ovens

Electrical components and connections must be inspected for tightness and signs of water,

Setscrews between bearings and shaft collars must be tightened

Pivot joint must be oiled

Circulation and exhaust fan must be inspected

Gas pressure must be verified

A combustion air blower impeller must also have inspected and cleaned.


Besides, all the mentioned once again about cleaning using the cleaning feature on your oven and follow the manufacturer’s rules. After the cleaning cycle, let the stove cool for about six hours before wiping it cleaning it down.

Don’t forget to replace the gas if you are using a gas oven if you changing or buy another gas stove. This will cost you less in terms of expenses if you purchase it from the manufacturer and of course las but not the least it is the issue of security.

The issues connected with oven maintenance are many starting from the problems with gas burner, range burner and etc., and these problems are never fun in terms of our comfort and time. And very often the fact that we face unnecessary expenses and often need out attention and sometimes require just reading the manual coming in the box with the oven.

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