Oven – the main and most important and fundamental domestic appliance in any kitchen. The vast majority of cooking is done with the help of the oven. Roasting, broiling, baking cannot be imagined without the oven –the cornerstone of any kitchen. Particularly this applies to the house which is full of children fond of pizzas, muffins and other mouthwatering food.

So, let’s try to get some information about types of ovens, popular ones and also the pros and cons of each type.

And if you haven’t purchased an oven yet, maybe this article will be kind of instruction. What are the most popular and spread types of ovens?

There are different types of ovens. We will explore 3 more spread ones, such as:

- Gas Oven

- Electric Oven

- Self-Cleaning Oven


Gas oven

The power source is gas. They are cheaper to run in comparison with electric ovens as they heat the oven to temperature more quickly. Moreover, one of the advantages of cooking on a gas oven is that is often more efficient, the food is cooked faster with greater consistency. The gas oven provides adjustments in temperature, which are faster with a gas oven. But on the other side, you will need to rotate your meals in a gas oven more often than in an electric one in order to prevent burning your food. But it’s important to note that most newly built apartments, especially in the blocks of apartments don’t use gas for safety reasons. If your house or apartment is already equipped with a gas line then it will cost you less, otherwise, you must keep in mind the cost issue.

Electric Oven

First of all, electric ovens are simple and easy in use, that is it is easy to set up, you buy an electric oven and run it instantly. Secondly, they come with a great feature such as fan-assisted which means circulating the air around the appliance and this in its turn:

ensures great even cooking temperatures,

you don’t have to open the oven and rotate the meals,

cuts the cooking time.

Thirdly, many electric ovens come storage space at the bottom, which helps to keep the cooked food warm through some gas ovens also have such storages. As for disadvantages then you should bear in mind some of them such as longer heating time, sometimes the distribution of uneven temperature, cleaning difficulty.

Self-cleaning oven

Oven which operates at high temperature (500 degrees Celsius or 900 degrees Fahrenheit). It burns off food remnants from baking without using any chemical agents. These ovens are considered more convenient and time-saving and on the other hand more cost-effective. However, because of the high temperatures of burning, they produce smoke and fumes. In some cases, this may be a reason for a smoke alarm. This is easy can be avoided by the regular usage of the self-cleaning program.

You will hear that self-cleaning oven are blessings as anything that cleans itself sounds like a blessing for any housewife but even if the oven is labeled “self-cleaning” you still, need to do some cleaning and this depends on how much grease and food debris was accumulated during cooking. Sunday roasts, classic cakes, and many tastier meals cannot be imagined without an oven and in this variety of the different types of oven choose one that is more right for you bearing in mind all the pros and cons.

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