One of the most convenient appliances we have in our household are washer machines and we all certainly want the proper maintenance and functioning of them. Those appliances relieve much labor from everyday life and simultaneously prove to have the best function of washing different things at the best level.

Make sure your washer always does the perfect washing with the best level and if anything occurs to the latter from a small issue to some severe ones let our experienced repairmen provide a high quality level local service with affordable prices and get you back to your clean and organized routine.

Some people think that washers are for only washing clothes.

However, we listed down several things/objects that you might not think of putting in your machine, but, in fact, you can:

Kitchen and Oven Mitts


These things get very dirty and very frequently and you can simply place them in your washer and a quick wash will bring back its fresh and clean condition. If worried to put it with clothes put them with towels. The kind of mitts made from silicon can also be washed in your appliance.

Mop Heads

No doubt, this household item needs to be washed after each usage and instead of manual labor you can easily throw them in your washer and a renewed mop head will be guaranteed.

Mats and Small Rugs

Be it a bathroom one or a welcome home mat, you can wash those objects in your washer too. Just watch out for the settings and ALWAYS use warm water to not having shrinking.

Stuffed Animals and Small Toys

Those items, especially, need a careful care and cleaning. Children use them constantly and a colossal number of germs or other bacteria become visible on them. You can’t always witness those and even not have a clue about their existence, but a proper washing is needed not only to have a clean toy but, above all, to secure the health of your kids. Germ free toys and stuffed animals can be calmly given to your children after a good wash and sanitizing.

Running Shoes

Some people simply throw away their running shoes when it is too dirty and used. Sometimes you don’t notice the amount of dirt there is and a quick cleaning before heading out is not what we are talking about. You can easily throw your sneakers in your washer and with the use of a warm water they will get back to their new looking appearance.


Your washers can do more than just wash your clothes and relieve even more labor from your household; without any worries throw in your household objects into your machines instead of scrubbing or cleaning them by hand and have them ready to use again in to time.

With a clean household items, also never forget to ensure the safety of your washers and in the case of any slight malfunction even after you wash those objects and something strange comes up simply rely on our appliance service at Fresno Appliance Repair CA and the highest quality service with experienced servicemen will leave you satisfied with the results so that you can get back to washing those “unusual” objects in your machine with no worries.

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